Bootie Ring

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We’re getting this comic through the finish line at the VERY LAST moment, feeling like an amazing baseball player making a match winning run. Boo-ya!
Todays all about a toy, that, well, I let down. I’ve been holding onto this wig-wam-willy-waggler for a handful of months, and its just never felt appropriate to whip out. Just hasn’t matched our sex lives or my mental state. I’ve just not been in a butt-mood =/
This is one of those toys that I asked for, with eager eyes only to end up, not be that interested in. I’m the worst.
But hey, this is STILL a good toy. It functioned WELL, and even though this isn’t a GLOWING ‘Loved it’ review, I won’t shy away from recommending it. It’s a fun cheap novelty, that combines rings and butt plug in a fun way. Wanna read our rave review of the regular ol-bootie plug? Check it out here!
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